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Legal Research Services

TLB offers multinational organizations and law firms like yours personalized and cost-effective legal research solutions. Our legal research outsourcing services help you make critical business choices, and we are dedicated to acting as an extension of your legal departments. Essentially, becoming a one-stop shop for all of your legal research needs.

Why Outsource Legal Research Services to TLB

Legal research services have undergone a revolutionary change relating to their functioning and can be simply defined as the procedure of discovering effective legal research solutions to a legal question or checking for a legal precedent that can be quoted in an appeal or during the trial. TLB’s Legal Research team can help you in providing accurate solutions, analyze statutes and case studies to ensure that all your legal issues are taken care of accordingly.


TLB Legal Research team is flexible and puts extra efforts beyond their working hours to deliver assignments on time.


The team speeds up the process by adapting to the best of the technologies. The team does two-levels of quality checks before delivering the assignments.

Result-oriented services

We produce accurate findings that match the quality criteria specified by the customer since we adopt a step-by-step strategy in the execution of our research and contract management.

Research pool

The foremost advantage of TLB is the variety of resources in this pool, like doctors, forensic experts, attorneys, law graduates, pharmacologists, and regular graduates that ensures case-relevant information is reviewed and information is properly placed or filed and prioritized.

Reliable decision makers

TLB legal research team takes guidance from real time law practitioners of the Supreme Court and High Courts of India, to uncover relevant cases and verdicts to support your legal decision-making. The team has experience of working on doctrinal, analytical, historical, comparative, and philosophical methods with various law firms and attorneys across jurisdictions and across continents.

Cost Effective

Outsource your legal research and contract management services to TLB and receive the best legal research services while saving up to 50% on these time-consuming but crucial areas of litigation.

Time Saving

Spending time on legal research and contract management at various stages can be exceedingly time-consuming. By using TLB outsourcing services, you may save money and time while focusing on developing your business.

TLB’s Legal Research Services


Legal Research and Drafting


Pre-Compliance Monitoring


Compliance Implementation


Multi-Jurisdiction / Risk-Assessment Surveys


TLB’s Legal Research Services