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Outsourced Litigation Support Services

Litigation procedures can be confusing and difficult to understand. The procedures involved might take a lot of time, thus lawyers and legal firms frequently need help. At TLB our legal professionals in litigation are best suited to help in this situation.

Our litigation support experts provide you with optimum solutions and ensure the highest accuracy levels in the assignments. The litigation support services can vary from assisting the attorneys, law firms, and general counsels in their day-to-day tasks like records retrieval process, e-discovery process, data processing, and data management or supporting them with technical assistance, marketing, or advertising.

Why Outsource Litigation Support Services to TLB?

Outsourcing litigation support services can offer several advantages for law firms and legal professionals. Here are some reasons why outsourcing these services is commonly practiced:

Cost Savings:

Outsourcing litigation support services to TLB can be a cost-effective solution compared to maintaining an in-house support team. By outsourcing to TLB, law firms can avoid the costs associated with hiring, training, and retaining additional staff members. Instead, they can access the necessary support on an as-needed basis, paying only for the services utilized.

Access to Specialized Expertise:

TLB has specialized expertise and experience in specific areas, such as eDiscovery, forensic analysis, or trial graphics. By outsourcing to TLB, law firms can tap into this expertise, benefiting from the knowledge and skills of professionals who specialize in these areas. It ensures that the tasks are handled efficiently and effectively by individuals with the necessary technical proficiency.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Outsourcing litigation support services to TLB provides law firms with flexibility in managing their workload. During busy periods or complex cases, firms can quickly scale up their support by and conversely, during slower periods, they can scale down the outsourcing arrangements, avoiding the need to maintain a large in-house support team when not required.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity:

Outsourcing to TLB allows lawyers to focus on their core legal tasks, such as case strategy, client representation, and court appearances. By offloading time-consuming tasks like document review, legal research, or trial preparation to experienced support professionals, lawyers can allocate their time and energy more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and improved client service.

Access to Advanced Technology and Resources:

TLB has access to state-of-the-art technology, specialized software, and resources that may be costly for law firms to acquire and maintain. By outsourcing to TLB, law firms can leverage these advanced tools and resources without the need for significant upfront investments. This can lead to more efficient and accurate data management, document review, and trial presentation.

Focus on Core Competencies:

Outsourcing litigation support services to TLB enables law firms to focus on their core competencies, such as legal strategy, client advocacy, and relationship building. It allows lawyers to spend more time on tasks that directly impact case outcomes and client satisfaction, while leaving specialized support tasks to external professionals who excel in those areas.

Time Savings:

Litigation support tasks can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. By outsourcing these tasks, to TLB law firms can save valuable time that can be allocated to other critical aspects of the case or used to handle a higher volume of cases.

Increased Accuracy and Quality:

Outsourcing litigation support services to TLB can result in increased accuracy and quality of work. Litigation support experts of TLB are often well-versed in best practices, quality control measures, and compliance standards, ensuring that the tasks are performed with precision and attention to detail.

TLB’s Litigation Support Services

Our highly experienced and technologically sound document reviewers, data scientists, paralegals, and lawyers help you secure a favorable outcome for your case. So, no matter where you stand in your case, TLB can help you with our Litigation support services at every stage of your proceedings.

  • Pre-attorney suit review
  • Suit assembly
  • Default request
  • Stipulations
  • Alias preparation
  • Service follow-up and review
  • Electronic filing
  • Judgment entry
  • Garnishment preparation and filing
  • Garnishment answer review
  • Judgment review and validation for placed accounts
  • Property sale for foreclosure

Document Review and Management

Our expert document reviewers will evaluate your document set for relevance, privilege, and secrecy using our technological partnerships and our quality assurance methodology.
How do we help?
● Our dedicated litigation support team thoroughly reviews all your documents with set timelines.
● Based on the document review our litigation support team prepares feedback and makes sure that said changes are made within the timeline.
● We use advantace technologies to meet your needs.

Document Processing

We pull the needed paperwork out of client portals, connect it to your accounts, and then check it to see if it complies with firm, venue, and case type specifications. If not, a document request is made. The finished file is examined by a lawyer.
How do we help?
● Collect all the required documents and connect it to your accounts.
● Review all the documents to see if it complies with your organization’s needs.
● Prepare a document request if needed.
● And at last, our expert lawyers cross check all the finalized files to make sure of no discrepancy.

Predictive Data Analysis:

We will narrow down your document set to only those that are most likely to be relevant to your case using cognitive analytics and AI technologies, which will save hosting costs and quicken the review process.
How do we help?
● We use advanced technologies like machine learning, data mining to come up with the most relevant documents that are best suited for your cases.
● We use statistical algorithms, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of future outcomes.
● Our technological advancement and highly efficient staff help your organization not only cut down cost but also quickens the whole review process.

Review and Preparation of Suits

We assess accounts after a demanding time has passed to make sure they are suitable for litigation. We create a complete suit packet, including paperwork, exhibits, and media, for final attorney review following a thorough review.
How do we help:
● We do a thorough study and preparation for an effective litigation process.
● Thorough review of the final suit by attorneys and subject matter experts
● Effective use of technology and workforce to provide you with litigation support at the best cost and within a time limit.

Settlement of Class Actions:

When both parties to a class action lawsuit decide, they do not wish to pursue the claims made in the complaint and instead choose to settle it, usually with a financial benefit to the class, a class action settlement is achieved. However, it is important to note that Class action lawsuits don't need to be more costly or time-consuming after they've been settled.
How do we help?
● We'll confirm the number of eligible claimants and settlement sums so you can concentrate on your client's other requirements.
● Effective use of technology and workforce to provide you with litigation support at the best cost and time.

Legal Drafting and Summarization of Records

You can count on the specialists at TLB to assist your company in creating common discovery affidavits, claims, reports, and more.
How do we help?
● Contract review, data abstraction, summarization, and contract enforcement
● Regulatory review, analysis, and repapering
● M&A due diligence-driven contract review
● Discovery affidavits, claims, reports, and more.
● Litigation document analysis

Legal Research

Easily craft out a winning legal strategy by hiring TLB’s team of attorneys and paralegals to conduct legal research for you. To offer the best strategy, we'll sift through relevant verdicts and cases from various jurisdictions. We make sure to provide you with the best litigation support service possible.
How do we help you?
● Effective legal research done by subject matter experts, team of attorneys and paralegals.
● If needed, we'll sift through relevant verdicts and cases from various jurisdictions.
● Our team of attorneys and paralegals through extensive research craft out effective legal strategies to help you excel in your cases.

Process-Serving Support

In addition to serving by publication, we can assist in facilitating service to a single party for collection litigation, several parties for a foreclosure, or registered agents for a corporation. Additionally, we can assist by sending documents to your process servers, entering data from those servers, examining returns of service to make sure the amount of service was appropriate for the case, and filing those returns.
How do we help?
● serving by publication, foreclosure, collection litigation
● we can assist by sending documents to your process servers.
● examining returns of service to make sure the amount of service was appropriate.
● Filing returns


Electronic discovery involves the identification, preservation, collection, review, and production of electronically stored information (ESI) as part of the discovery process in litigation. Litigation support professionals from TLB assist in managing and organizing electronic documents, conducting searches, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Case Management

TLB’s litigation support services assist in the management of case files, deadlines, and court schedules. This may involve maintaining a centralized database, tracking key dates, and ensuring all necessary documents and filings are organized and up to date.

Trial Preparation

TLB’s litigation support professionals assist in preparing for trial by organizing and coordinating trial exhibits, creating visual aids, and developing trial presentation strategies. They may also assist with witness preparation, document review, and the creation of trial binders.

Forensic Services

TLB’s forensic experts provide specialized services, such as forensic accounting, computer forensics, or forensic investigation, to analyze and interpret complex financial data, digital evidence, or other information crucial to the litigation process.

Expert Witness Coordination

TLB’s litigation support professionals assist with the identification, selection, and coordination of expert witnesses. This includes researching and vetting potential experts, managing communication, and scheduling, and ensuring that the experts are properly prepared to provide testimony.

Deposition and Transcript Services

Assistance with deposition preparation, including organizing exhibits, summarizing depositions, and creating deposition digests. TLB’s litigation support services may also include obtaining and managing court transcripts and providing real-time transcription services during depositions or court proceedings.

Trial Presentation

Creating and delivering effective trial presentations using technology and visual aids. TLB’s litigation support professionals help develop and deliver compelling presentations to present evidence, timelines, graphics, and demonstratives in the courtroom.

Settlement and Mediation Support

Assistance in settlement negotiations and mediation, including data analysis, valuation, and financial modeling. TLB’s litigation support services can also help in preparing settlement agreements and analyzing potential outcomes.

Post-Judgment Support

With bank and wage garnishments, real estate liens, and receiverships, we help your business ease out the litigation process even post-judgment. Additionally, we assist with post-garnishment motions such as turnover orders, orders for continuing liens, and orders to condemn monies as well as asset location and verification. We assist with real estate sales by managing sheriff's deeds, title insurance, scheduling, and approving appraisals, and coordinating auctions.
How do we help?
● Judgment entry
● Garnishment preparation and filing
● Garnishment answer review
● Judgment review and validation for placed accounts
● Property sale for foreclosure